Jill Marie Pigott

Contact: JMpuppets@gmail.com

I was born on the Ides of March in 1984. I was born in California, grew up in Minnesota, and spent my college years on the East Coast. Recently, I moved back to Minnesota and now live with my husband in South Eastern Minnesota.

From a very young age I became interested in theatre. I started taking classes at the Masque Youth Theatre when I was seven. In high-school, I was a member of the Masque Puppet Troupe, becoming the troupe leader my senior year.
In 2006, I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BFA in puppetry. The program, headed by Bart Roccoberton, was very exciting and introduced me to various techniques in all areas of puppetry, including building, performance, and design.

Since then, I have been building, teaching workshops, and doing solo performances in and around Rochester, Winona, and Fountain City.

My two favorite types of puppets are hand puppets and rod puppets. I also really enjoy making and using masks. I enjoy experimenting with various materials, but I usually fall back on paper mache, fleece, and poly-cotton blend fabric.

In 2011, I earned my teaching license in Secondary Mathematics. Puppetry is no longer my full-time job. However, it is still my deepest joy to create creatures and see them be brought to life.

My hobbies include script writing and baking. You could say that I just love creating and sharing that which I’ve created. So, go to other parts of my website and see my creations.

Artist Statement

A puppet is any inanimate object which is given life through the manipulation of the puppeteer and the imagination of the audience. Simply put, a puppet is just a statue until it is moved and brought to life. I keep this in mind every time I build. While I want my creations to be charming and pleasing to look at; first and foremost, I make them to be played with. I want people to pick them up and move them around, create a story, create a character, create life.