Downtown Winona Art in the Windows Project


It is not too late to sign up for our Art in the Windows collaboration between Winona artists and Downtown Businesses. We have artists who have signed up for this promotion, but it has come to my attention that there may be some confusion about this promotion.

  1. Artists choose works that they wish to sell. Art it NOT donated to the business. Downtown businesses have volunteered to partner with local artists in order to promote their work.
  2. The businesses would not sell the work outright, but would share contact information (your card, for example) so that you and the buyer could complete the sales transaction.
  3. We would work with the artist so that art that may be sensitive to light would be placed in appropriate sites. If your painting is not framed with UV blocking glass, for example, we would work with you to find the best site.
  4. The sign that would be created by Off-Center Designs (a local business) is 18” by 24” and is brick red, so they are large enough to be noticed. The cost is $20.00 which is Off-Center Design’s cost; neither RAA nor Main Street will receive any money from them. These signs would bear your name and a brief narrative about your work.
  5. This promotion goes on as long as the businesses and the artists want to work together. We hope to launch this project this spring when people will be enjoying the great weather and spending more time strolling downtown. Since this is a new project for Main Street, we hope to be able to promote the creative work of our community while also supporting local businesses in the best way possible. Comments from local artists have helped us tremendously.
  6. You don’t have to be a member of River Arts Alliance or Main Street to participate.

Click on the image to download the application form.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Vicki Englich (RAA) 454-1215 or David Bittner (Main Street) 452-2272.

Vicki Englich
Chair, River Arts Alliance

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