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A Message from Margaret Johnson:

Please consider which 10 of the 99 Masonic Drops that you think should be saved and let the Fine Arts Commission know.  It has asked for pubic input and wants to hear from us. The FAC plans to make it’s decision at its meeting on May 2 in the Wenonah Room in City Hall.  The meeting is open to the public and according to the FAC website, it starts at 5:30.   To see photos of the entire collection, go to the City of Winona website, and in particular: You can look at the individual drops and make your recommendations to:

A few observations:  please remember that the drops collection is organized into scenes.  A single scene make be comprised of 4 or 5 drops.  Together, they make up the scene and give the dimensional effects that characterize that scene.  It is a rather laborious task to go through the collection drop by drop.  If you do that, be aware that there are some errors in the identification numbers of individual drops.  Please double check that the drops you list are actually the ones that make up a scene you favor.  If you do not have the time to go through the collection drop by drop but know which scenes you like and would like to see saved, please inform the Commission, simply, that you would like to see that scene saved…be it the forest (landscape) scene, the Hades Scene or whatever.  The Commission will be sure to know which individual drops make up that scene.  If you prefer saving individual drops to saving scenes, then you should list the individual drops you would like to see saved.  

With the direction the city has taken, we are losing about 90% of the historic drops collection.  Let’s make sure that the remaining 10 are the best ones possible.

Margaret Johnson is a member and the City of Winona is a partner of the River Arts Alliance. To learn more about the benefits of membership, please visit:

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