Ray Kiihne Exhibit at the Red Horse

Reception: Saturday | August 11 | 7pm
Exhibit Opens: Saturday | August 11
Red Horse Gallery | 116 S Main St | Fountain City, WI

An Opening Reception for new and traveled work by Ray Kiihne will be held on August 11. The exhibit opens on August 11. Ray is one of the gallery’s favorite painters. His paintings are thoughtful and take us on journeys that we didn’t know were there.

Artist’s Statement:

I am an abstract painter.  I enjoy color as color and usually avoid symbolic colors such as yellows for sunlight or blues for sky.  Instead, I invite the viewer to enjoy color as an entity unto itself.

But the present political quagmire has interrupted my detachment.  While I believe America can withstand political chaos, I sense that earth itself is in jeopardy.  With that in mind, I created earth tondos for this show.  On one, I experimented with a soft atmospheric surface, mixing acrylic wall paint with plaster of Paris forming a chalky paint know as—believe it or not—distemper.

Ray Kiihne is a member of the River Arts Alliance. To learn more about the benefits of membership, please visit: riverartsalliance.org/JOIN.


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