Page Series: Dreaming Under a Cedar Tree 2.0

Wednesday | April 24 | 7:30pm
Thursday | April 25 | 7:30pm
Page Theatre | 700 Terrace Heights

Dreaming Under a Cedar Tree invites you to share art, food, and conversation with a Middle Eastern flavor, reflecting on Sharon Mansur’s Lebanese heritage, the complex and fluid nature of cultural identity, and the power of place in our dreams. A reimagined version of the original event that premiered in fall 2017 at Outpost Winona, Cedar Tree 2.0 integrates Mansur’s experiences during her first trip to Lebanon in spring 2018, and responds to the Page Theatre as a site-specific venue. This immersive event will feature solo dance performance by Mansur, visual elements contributed by a variety of artists and Mansur family members, Middle Eastern food, and an open discussion with audience members.

Concept, direction, and performance by Sharon Mansur

Contributing artists: Sophia-Odelia Bauer, Nate Bauman, Fadi BouKaram, Felicia Glidden, Ali Herischi, Raymond T. Mansur, Mike Munson, Sydney Swanson, and Michael Wall, as well as references, images and text from Mansur family members

Sharon Mansur and the Performance Center at Saint Mary’s University are members of the River Arts Alliance. To learn more about the benefits of membership, please visit:


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