Member Spotlight – Colleen and Larry Wolner

The Blue Heron Coffeehouse is dedicated to good food and to good art! Colleen and Larry Wolner have enriched our lives by not only offering a healthy menu featuring locally sourced, organic ingredients, but also by offering locally sourced art to their customers as well. The Wolners hosted River Arts Alliance’s annual Members Exhibition this year featuring the talents of our many members who are visual artists. They have also committed to featuring exhibits of local artists replete with grand openings and crucial exposure to those who want to show their work to a broad audience.

The warm, inviting atmosphere, the excellent food, and the pleasure of dining amidst compelling visual art make the Blue Heron a favorite place for so many of us. The Blue Heron Coffeehouse is a highly valued community asset, and River Arts Alliance celebrates their food and their generosity!

Photo: Larry, Colleen, Erik, and Lenny Wolner.

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