Great River Writes: Mark My Words Reception

Friday | November 15 | 5:00-7:00pm
Pump House Regional Arts Center

The Pump House Regional Arts Center, Great River Writes, and La Crosse Public Library are hosting a reception for Mark My Words 2019. The exhibit will showcase artwork and the short poetry it inspires. Fifteen artists and poets were selected by a group of art and poetry jurors for exhibition wherein the poets responded to the selected artworks. During the exhibition, the art and poetry created in response to it will be displayed side by side. At this event, poets will read their work in front of projected images of the connected art, and $600 in cash prizes will be awarded.

2 “First Place” prizes of $125 each ($125 to artist and $125 to poet)

2 “Second Place” prizes of $100 each ($100 to artist and $100 to poet)

2 “Third Place” prizes of $75 each ($75 to artist and $75 to poet)

Selected Poets and Artworks

  • Jess Witkins – Lynne Burgess (“asleep”)
  • Burt Hammons – Karen Dunn (“A”)
  • Marilyn Taylor – Mary Hermanson (“Turquoise-Nebula”)
  • Joanne Adragna Shird – Marianne Stanke (“A”)
  • Matt Cashion – Marcia G. Thompson (“B”)
  • David Blackey – Jerry Weigel (“Windmill-Memories”)
  • Greg Lovell – Jill Rippe (“Polar-Meltdown-Side”)
  • Peter Engen – George J. Miller (“Muddy Waters Dragonfly Blues”)
  • Raena Parsons – Nancy Heerens-Knudson (“B”)
  • Carol Popelka – Leroy Burt (“Carnival in Escazu”)
  • Lucinda Gray – Ryan Send (“B”)
  • Charels Mortell – Lisa Winchel (“Rain”)
  • Christian Michener – Marc Manke (“Fresh From the Barn”)
  • Marjorie Dohlman – Lewis Wilkins (“A”)
  • Alaina Steffes – Tiana Traffas (“Nettle Medicine and Serpent Visitations”)

Great River Writes is a partner of the River Arts Alliance.


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