Learning about Nia

Saturdays | 10:30am-12pm
January 11, February 8, March 7, and April 4
Winona Friendship Center | 251 Main St.

Mary Lee Eischen invites you to learn about Nia through her upcoming class. You may sign up for one class or the four part series to learn how to feel more alive and vibrant in your body. Using a chair during the movement portion is welcome. Cost for Winona Friendship Center Members: $5.50 or $18.00 for all four workshops;
$8.25 non-members per class (no bundle discount rate.) To register, call (507) 454-5212.

January 11, 2020 – Introduction to Nia
What is it?  Can it benefit me?  Nia is a fusion movement practice that helps the body, mind and spirit. It helps people feel good in their body.  In this workshop, we’ll learn more about Nia and find out about the amazing benefits of dancing for the body and the brain.  We’ll learn some of the movements and dance a shortened class to have some fun.  This workshop is for everyone.  No dance experience needed. Everybody welcome.

February 8, 2020 – Nia and the Martial Arts
Nia has three martial arts movement forms incorporated in the practice.  We’ll learn about the three martial arts in Nia: Tai’ Chi, Tae Kwan Do, and Aikido.  We learn how some movement is slow and deliberate, some movements flow for precision, and some create circular movement. We’ll bring this learning into a shortened Nia class. No dance experience needed. Everybody welcome.

March 7, 2020 – Nia and the Dance Arts
Nia has three dance forms that flow in the practice.  We’ll learn about Duncan dance, Modern dance, and Jazz dance and how to have fun moving with these patterns. A short Nia class will follow the explanation.  No dance experience needed. Everybody welcome.

April 4, 2020 – Nia and the Healing Arts
In this workshop, we’ll explore the healing arts of Nia.  This involves yoga, the work of Moshe Feldenkraise, and the Alexander Technique.  We’ll spend a relaxing time together and enjoy some Nia movements along with a shortened Nia class. This workshop is for everybody. No dance experience needed. Everybody welcome.

Mary Lee Eischen is a member of the River Arts Alliance. To learn more about the benefits of membership, please visit: riverartsalliance.org/JOIN.


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