Winona Writers Group – May Virtual Meeting

Friday | May 8 | 3:30-5:30pm
Zoom (details below)

Feel free to use these prompts below, change them, or ignore them and write your own idea. For this meeting, we will not have copies of each other’s work. We will read aloud, then share verbal comments and suggestions. We may be able to share digital copies in the Zoom chat area.

May Prompts: Let’s move away from overwhelming reality this month and consider a different direction.

  1. We can all use a good laugh. Write about something funny.  It could be a true story, or something entirely made up. What tickles your funny bone?
  2. I love spring because the way the earth wakes up seems magical to me. Write about something magical or other-worldly. Perhaps you dream of monsters or fairies. Perhaps you have a few spells or magic potions in your cookbook. Let your imagination soar.

Join Zoom Meeting; Meeting ID: 980-3929-1229.

Great River Writes and the City of Winona are partners of the River Arts Alliance.


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