Kinstone Summer Plein Air Paint Day and Art Sale

Saturday | August 1 | 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday | August 2 | 10:00am-6:00pm
Kinstone | S3439 Cole Bluff Lane | Fountain City, WI

Artists of every painting medium and every skill level are invited to create plein air works at the Kinstone Summer Plein Air Paint Day & Art Sale at Kinstone Megalithic Gardens. Participating artists may exhibit and sell any works produced during this event between 4pm and 6pm on Saturday and again on Sunday between 10am and 6pm outdoors or on the Porch of the Kinstone Education Building. The cost to participate is $5/person (i.e. equal to and included in the price of admission to Kinstone!)  No pre-registration is required. Registration is from 7:30-8:30am Saturday, onsite. Artists must sign a liability waiver upon Registration. Artists should bring along their own food, snacks and beverages.

Kinstone will maintain its normal open hours (10am to 6pm) to the public throughout this event. Anyone visiting Kinstone (admission is $5/person) on this day is invited to watch, interact with, enjoy and perhaps even purchase the resulting work of the participating artists!

RAIN OR SHINE! For all the details, please visit the Kinstone website at these links:  and  

SUMMER at Kinstone is lush and lovely. Gardens are proliferating and the prairie is in full bloom, awash with color and abuzz with pollinators of all kinds. The standing stones are sun-kissed; warm to the touch and welcoming to the spirit. The pond is the center of a constant dance of dragonflies and swallows. Tall grasses wave you on to paths that rise and fall, keeping the next wonder hidden until you step forward just a little further. Find your way to the amphitheater of the labyrinth, the cool shelter of the dolmen, and the quiet seclusion of the Circle of Mystery or many other wonders to be encountered. Curvilinear rows of arborvitae and spruce hug the land and shelter you as you immerse yourself in color, light, and movement. It is magical! Join us and see what summer magic your brushes can create!

Kinstone is a member of the River Arts Alliance. To learn more about the benefits of membership, please visit:


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