River Arts Alliance Board of Directors

In December of 2015, our community lost Bernadette Mahfood—artist, arts advocate, and founding board member of the River Arts Alliance. Please visit her tribute page to learn more about this incredible woman.

The River Arts Alliance board is an advisory board made up of 7-11 volunteers. During their two-year term, each board member is asked to serve on one or more committees and work on community outreach and arts promotion.

Vicki Englich

Board Chair

Committees: Communication & Membership (chair)

Vicki Englich has been active in the Winona community for the past 30 years as a Master Gardener, a Winona Public School Board member, Community Liaison at Winona State University, and has served a variety of local, non-profit organizations such as Project FINE and Friends of the Winona Public Library. She co-founded River Arts Alliance with the late Bernadette Mahfood and currently serves as Chair of the RAA Board of Directors.

Sara Enzenauer


Sara Enzenauer . . . bio to come.

Board Secretary

Anna grew up surrounded by art. Her father was an art instructor and painter, her mother a clothing designer; thus paint, clay, fabric, and art talk were always close at hand.

So, it was natural for Anna to choose college study at Atelier Lack, a private fine arts school. This classical training was followed by decades of easel painting and experience with sculpting, ceramics, beadwork and textiles.

Anna’s love of color, pattern, and nature are reflected in all of her photography, beadwork, and textile creations. Her work has been shown and won prizes in national competitions, shows and galleries. Anna has also taught workshops at many of these venues.

Julia Crozier

Board Member

Julia Crozier grew up in Minnesota in a family of artists and outdoor enthusiasts.
She learned to paint outdoors with watercolors at an early age and became comfortable with many mediums and styles. In the early 1980’s Julia attended The St. Paul School of Associated Arts, which helped her hone her technical skills and foster discipline. Julia has worked on murals, public art projects, illustrated books and other publications. In 2007 Julia opened the Blue Heron Studio and Gallery in Winona, MN. She sold her work primarily from that location until she sold her building in 2012. Since then she has exhibited at The Minnesota Marine Art Museum and galleries in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Throughout the years Julia has traveled to seek inspiration for subject matter. Some favorite locations have been Scotland, the desert Southwest, the Grand Canyon, the Dakota Badlands and prairies, and the bluff lands of the Mississippi River valley for her landscapes. Sometime her subjects relate to house and home, industry or architectural themes. The main goal for Julia with her art is to draw the viewer into her world for a while, whether it be in a realistic or abstract painting. She would like to share these places and perspectives, in the interim encouraging the viewer to experience something new about life, nature, and our relationship to nature and to each other.


Ted Haaland

Board Member

Prior to four years ago, I had never written a poem. Now I have written several thousand. There’s a story to be told – One which I like to think may interest, even inspire, other folks, and bring forth an inner muse. First, however, a bit of where I come from and what helped shape me. I was born in 1939, an entirely different time, to a Lutheran pastor, and my mother who possessed a quite broad view of music and the arts, the first eighteen years of her life having been spent in China. After my high school graduation, I ambled through the groves of academe, eventually graduating from the University of Minnesota, with majors in Art, Philosophy, and History.

Now, fast-forward through successive years of teaching, both at Washington, DC Technical Institute and Ohio State, and a twenty year career in health services. Then, lightning struck in the best possible sense – I met and married the love of my life, Maria Faust. We moved from St. Paul to Winona, an area we both loved, and began, among other interests, to share Maria’s love of poetry, especially that of Mary Oliver. Maria was not a poet, but read much, drawing me in. In what we did not know would be the last year of her life, we shared, so often, poetry in the evenings. Early one morning, a few days after Maria’s death on December 15, 2011, I awoke with, unaccountably, a poem forming in my mind. I arose and wrote it down, and thus began my poetry journey – A journey of writing poems everyday, of varied types, from sonnets and serious narratives, through shorter, lighter work, including limericks and clerihews. Along the way I also work in forms such as Haiku and Tanka, and always with the sense of my muse, Maria’s, presence. At present I still reside in our Homer home, write incessantly, and also sponsor the GRSF/Maria W. Faust Sonnet Contest, as a way to remember her, and promote poetic art.

Julie Johnston

Board Member

Julie Johnston is a Winona based visual artist who is passionate about drawing in pastel and charcoal as well as oil painting. Her early studies were at The American Acadamy of Art in Chicago and later at SMU in Winona.

Julie has taught drawing at SMU, the MMAM, and the MCA. In 2008 Julie co-founded the Winona Area Figure Drawing Group which meets weekly at SMU to draw from live models.

Ken McCullough

Board Member

Ken McCullough was born in Staten Island, N.Y., but spent his formative years in St. John’s, Newfoundland. More recently, he has drawn inspiration from the mountains of Montana and Wyoming and the blufflands of the Upper Mississippi. In 1992 he was adopted into the Miniconjou band of the Lakota Nation. He is a graduate of St. Andrew’s School, the setting for Dead Poets Society, and has degrees from the University of Delaware and the Writers’ Workshop of the University of Iowa.

McCullough’s most recent books of poetry are Walking BackwardsSicomoro.Oropéndola (published in Colombia), and Broken Gates, as well as a book of stories, Left Hand. He has received numerous awards for his poetry. McCullough has worked closely with Cambodian poet U Sam Oeur, survivor of the Pol Pot regime; they have published Sacred Vows, a bilingual edition of U’s poetry, and Crossing Three Wildernesses, a memoir. McCullough has two sons, Galway and Orion. He lives on a farm outside Winona, MN with his wife, Lynn Nankivil, a playwright. In 2014, McCullough began his second term as Poet Laureate of Winona.

Anne Scott Plummer

Board Member

Anne Scott Plummer is a ceramic artist who recently moved her studio, Island City Clayspace, to a storefront in downtown Winona, where she organizes a pop-up gallery for special occasions. Her sculptural work is inspired by the human figure and other forms from nature. She also produces one-of-a-kind vessels and functional ware.

In 2019 Plummer retired from a career of teaching sculpture and ceramics at Winona State University, where she was a tenured professor and served at various times as Gallery Director and Art & Design Department Chairperson. She earned her BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA at Claremont Graduate University in southern California, where she studied with renowned raku artist Paul Soldner. Plummer maintained a studio in downtown Los Angeles for ten years before moving to Minnesota.

Plummer has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions, has been an Artist-in-Residence in several institutions, has won many grants and awards, and was commissioned by the City of Rochester, MN to design and build the mastermold for the Rochester Riverfront Mural, an 80-foot-long public, cast-concrete relief mural that is integrated with the 6oodwall on the banks of the Zumbro River.

Joy Davis Ripley

Board Member

Joy Davis Ripley is an award-winning, Winona-based photographer and designer, whose photos and designs have been displayed in galleries across the region. She creates functional, wearable art by designing her photographs onto textiles through locally and environmentally-sound production processes. Her art seeks to return a sense of wonder to the world around us. A former college professor of English and the mother of young children, she is passionate about carving out space in her daily life for her art. Joy is a 2019 recipient of the Emerging Artist SEMAC Grant, and her clothing is currently on display at Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona, MN; Lanesboro Arts Gallery in Lanesboro, MN; Northfield Arts Guild in Northfield, MN; and Limbo Records & Rarities in Maiden Rock, WI.

Sydney Swanson

Board Member

Sydney has been moving and grooving since she could walk and started her dance training at a young age. She has also been taking photographs from a young age and it was the Photojournalism degree at Winona State University that first brought her to town. Upon graduating in 2013 she became more immersed in the community and the arts in Winona and has been doing her best to add to that community ever since.

Sydney’s art currently revolves around site-specific dance filmmaking and in the past couple years she has received multiple grants to create her dance film works. She also finds joy in helping other artists create their art and has been working closely with local contemporary dance artist Sharon Mansur to bring more dance to Winona. Sydney looks forward to being on the River Arts Alliance Board to help advocate for arts in Winona.

Catherine S. Tuggle

Board Member

After a radical move to Minnesota from Kentucky in 2015, I have been shifting the focus of my work from writing a book back to visual art where it began. The stimulating scenery around the Winona area, plus discovering the River Arts Alliance and the amazing service it provides artists of every discipline has really helped make this transition a positive one. I am honored to be participating as a member of the River Arts Alliance board.