Kinstone Megalithic Garden


Phone: 608-687-3332

S3439 Cole Bluff Lane
Fountain City, WI 54629

This place is unique in all the world. And it’s less than 15 minutes from Winona! It has been said that Kinstone features the largest privately owned stone circle in the world. This has not been confirmed, but we must be close! There are over a million tons of granite boulders, standing stones and sculptures. Our thatched, cordwood chapel features a stunning bottle-glass design inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi. Come enjoy the beauty of the space, see our gardens and Permaculture work in progress, find a spot for quiet contemplation, or take a circuitous walk around to visit the stones and natural buildings. Let the Land and Nature transform you.

Kinstone is located in rural Fountain City just off County Road M on Cole Bluff Lane. It is a contemplative, park-like place with spectacular views, intriguing sculpture and structures. This 30-acre bluff-top property has over 100 standing stones including three stone circles, a megalithic dolmen, classic 7-circuit labyrinth, thatched cordwood chapel, dry-stack stone sculpture, natural buildings, permaculture gardens, terraces and more. There are several alignments of interest at Solstice and Equinox. Kinstone is home to Kinstone Kitchen, a farm-to-table food truck that operates at events held at Kinstone and also at regional fairs, festivals and private events. Kinstone is also home to Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture where we provide education for sustainable living. We host courses, workshops and hands-on learning experiences for those who wish to regenerate, relearn and revive. Learn about caring for the earth, caring for people and giving something back when yields are bountiful. Find more about what Permaculture is, our teaching philosophy and current offerings on our website.

Kinstone is available for rent as a venue for corporate team meetings, one-day retreats, reunions, wedding ceremonies and more. It is a beautiful setting for executive teams, work groups and departments to get out of the typical office surroundings and get refreshed.  Families, classmates, clubs and others find this a wonderful spot to gather and reunite.  Brides love the beauty and symbolism of the stone circle, labyrinth and chapel; and there are so many amazing photo opportunities for the wedding party! Our mobile farm-to-table food truck, Kinstone Kitchen, is the perfect way to provide fresh food options at your event.
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