JOIN the River Arts Alliance

Annual* Membership Dues

Artist/Individual – $45

Household – $60

Organizations – $125

Student – $15

* Membership will be active from the join date through the end of the join month the following year.


Member Page Specifications

Membership in the River Arts Alliance includes a subdomain/page on the RAA website.*

General specifications are listed below and may vary based on the member’s needs.

  • Header Image: 1084px wide by 450px tall; no larger than 500kb**
  • Gallery Images: 1084px maximum width; 608 maximum height; no larger than 500kb**
  • Image Names: If you would like titles included in your gallery, either name the files accordingly or provide the titles as a list
  • Number of Gallery Images: maximum of 10 (preferred)
  • Artist’s Statement: approximately 400 words
  • Contact Information (as applicable): email, phone numbers, website link, location, hours, etc.
  • Other (as applicable): writing sample(s), annual concert schedule, etc.

Members should contact when they are ready to submit content for their page or if they have any questions. A Dropbox link will be provided at that time for uploading text and photos.

* Member pages will be added within 2 weeks of receipt of content and may be updated upon renewal of annual membership.

** Limiting gallery image size to web quality protects members’ art from unauthorized use.

Member Benefits

  • Newsletter/Blog/Calendar/links to Arts/Artists websites
  • Networking
  • Collaboration with others artists and organizations
  • Promotion of arts events and projects
  • Subdomains on RAA website for artists without websites
  • Advocacy: Community art spaces, studios, events
  • Mentoring for emerging artists
  • Resources: available grants; tech support: who to contact for photography, website set-up, etc.
  • Annual Members Show
  • Vote at RAA Annual Meeting

Membership Registration Form