Linda Arnesen

Cell: 612.220.5235

Linda remembers as a child being encouraged by her older siblings when she would draw.  Her Mother, Millie Zeise, was a local, well-known folk artist who painted in acrylic and oil.  Dozens of Millie’s paintings have been the featured decor at the Minnesota State Fair Frontier Bar & Grill.  Millie began her art adventure after her seven children had left home.

In college in the early 70’s, Linda was drawn to art classes and took drawing, watercolor, sculpture, and several other art classes. After college she had to shelf her interests in art because her career took over her life until she retired in 2014.  She met her special guy and moved to Winona, MN.  They created a studio to their house and she began to draw and paint. Her Mother was delighted to hear about the studio and sent her a gift of brushes and an apron along with a note:  “Enjoy splashing in your paints!”   Like her Mom, Linda had shelved her talents but later in life was able to pursue her interests. 

Watercolor is the preferred medium that Linda chose to play with.  She found it the most challenging and also loved the transparency of the medium.  She stated:  “Light seems to shine through it unlike acrylics, oils, pastels, or other mediums.  There is something very special about watercolor and how it seems to have a mind of its own.  You really don’t have complete control of it and that is what makes it an adventure.  Watercolor is magical in that the colors seem to interact with each other and pleasantly surprises me once they have blended and dried.  You never know how exactly it will turn out ….definitely an adventure.” She continues, “Since you cannot replicate watercolor art exactly each is an original even if the subject, colors, and size are the same.” She wants those who view her work to relate to it personally and emotionally and to find beauty and joy.

Currently taking classes from well-known watercolorist Kathleen Kovala, Linda has become more confident in her talents.  Kathleen has shared many techniques and tips that allowed Linda to enjoy and appreciate watercolor and its characteristics even more. 

Each painting seems to give Linda a new experience…a new adventure.  She enjoys the many different subjects whether landscape, floral, still life, animals, or portraits.