Mick Sagan

Contact: micsilver@live.com

I am a self taught artist. I’ve been focused on art since I was around 4 or 5 years old spending hours just drawing anything that came into my head. I really looked forward to rainy days. I used to get the leftover rolls of newsprint paper from the Winona Daily news and just unroll long sections and fill them up, sometimes 6 feet long. Like most kids watercolors were my 1st experience with paint. I did manage to wear down my parents for an oil paint by numbers set when I was around 7 but as soon as my Mom smelled the turpentine she threw it out. I didn’t attempt oils again until 2009. So my watercolor journey began and continues.

In junior high I was blessed to be a student of Herbie Hultgren a wonderful teacher and outstanding painter, he was very supportive and inspiring. I never finished college much to my chagrin but my art has always been based on exploration, experimentation, emotion and imagination. I was strongly influenced by Japanese and Chinese painting techniques through an old book my brother John gave me for Xmas in 1975 which launched 3 distinct series of paintings beginning with the Tolkien inspired ‘Black Rider’. Next I began two ongoing series, ‘In the Valley of the Mississippi’ and ‘In the Land of the Navajo.’

I was born in Winona and have lived most of my life in Minnesota, the Mississippi river, the bluffs and valleys. I also spent 4 very eventful and emotional years in southern and northern Arizona which inspired the series ‘In the Land of the Navajo.’ I’m revisiting acrylics as well since I started with them my senior year in high school and had very good results. My favorite acrylic was done a year after school titled ‘Dead Cowboy’ a mystery which I’ve recently continued with 4 additional paintings to make it a mystery series. One of those new additions is on this page.

I continue to explore with my art and am hoping to find an identity soon with my oils. My watercolor style has always been a fast paced process, so after 55 years it’s been a struggle finding the patience and really understanding the sophistication and nuances of oils . . . but I’m workin’ on it.