Patsy King


I was born on November 1 to an artistic mother. She could draw a little but her main thing was her sewing. The things she made with cloth were unlike any other. I went more towards drawing and painting and also creating things from weird items. I have an innate sense of looking at something and seeing its potential. I can also get an idea and see it in my head. This is something I got from my mother. I am the third child in a family of 8 children.

I have 2 older brothers so I am the oldest girl. I also have 4 sisters and my baby brother. I took care of the 2 youngest and I would entertain them with my drawing, painting, and strange sculptures. I also helped out around the house. These things made things quite hectic and to relieve stress I would go into my art world. This was something I enjoyed immensely. I even doodled on my tests and school work. My teachers did not seem to mind. My teachers enjoyed my artwork. My art teachers were always entering my stuff in contests or putting on display. In 1st grade I had my paper mache puppet’s picture put in the town newspaper. I also placed in the top 3 of 5 contests of which 2 of them received 1st place. They were paintings and drawings.

When I went to Viterbo [where I minored in art], 2 of my charcoal drawings were put in the Viterbo magazine. After college, I had to work a regular job and therefore my art became somewhat of a hobby. When I got married in 1994 to my husband Michael King [who is my biggest supporter and fan], he enabled me to get back into it. I do mostly painting in acrylic because we have pets. I also do pastels and charcoal. I am doing some airbrushing, but I still prefer the brush. My paintings are mostly of animals, but I do people quite often. The backgrounds in my paintings are an important part, no matter the subject matter, for they are what make the paintings.