Sharon Mansur


Artist Statement:

As a contemporary dance and visual artist my ongoing interests span experimental and often collaborative and interdisciplinary processes. I create improvisational performances, site-specific events, visual installations, and dance for film.  My creative practice is informed by invaluable relationships with other artists and creative folks. I offer audiences immersive artistic experiences because that is the essential way in which I grapple with inherent mysteries and ambiguities in life. I am passionate about resilient and evolving ways to share and support art within my community.


Sharon loves dancing. And creating experiences where active viewing and imagination are welcome. Working and playing with others. And snacks. Experimenting. And finding ways to support and build the creative ecology within a community. Originally from Boston, MA, Sharon has been involved with the Winona community since 2005. Her live performance projects and dance films have been presented throughout the U.S. and internationally. Her dance film variation on residue, created with video artist Brian Harris, won the Best Performance Award at the Mirror Mountain Film Festival, Canada, in 2015.

As a dance educator she has taught at Winona State University, University of Maryland, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Luther College, among other college, studio and community venues. She is currently on the therapeutic bodywork staff at Infinity Chiropractic Wellness Center in Winona, and curates SHIFT~ performance salons at Infinity Yoga Studio.  

Sharon recently received an Individual Artist Grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC) for a new performance/installation project, Dreaming Under a Cedar Tree, delving into her Lebanese-American heritage. Cedar Tree will be presented at Art of the Rural’s Outpost Gallery in Winona, during September 2017.


“…Mansur’s devastatingly beautiful INSERT[coda]HERE, which makes her immensity so quietly and thrillingly present.”
~Irene Hsaio, RADFest Alternative Dance Festival review, MI, 2016