Sharon Mansur

homesick from Sharon Mansur on Vimeo.

2020 / Dance Film
Created, performed and edited by Sharon Mansur
Screened at the Tiny Virtual Dances online showcase, curated by Sarah Carlson


small distances from Sharon Mansur on Vimeo.

small distances
2020 / Video of Live Performance
Created and performed by Sharon Mansur
Originally a live performance feed for MWMF at Home May 2020


Upcoming events for 2021:

1001 Arab Futures: an embodied imaginarium, an outdoor site-specific solo dance performance and visual installation at the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts in early June, concept and performance by Mansur, with co-director / collaborators Yara Boustany (Beirut, Lebanon), Andrea Shaker (Minneapolis) and Mette Loulou von Kohl (New York City), sound by woolen lover, costumes by Angie Vo. Supported, in part by a 2020 Minnesota State Arts Board Cultural Community Partnership grant, and a McKnight Foundation Dance Fellowship SOLO Commission.

SHIFT~ experimental performance salon, curated by Mansur since 2016, will present a series both outdoors and online showcasing six artists during summer/fall 2021: Erin Drummond, La Green, Sarah Johnson, Sydney Swanson, Mai'a Williams, and woolen lover. Supported by a 2021 Minnesota State Arts Board Creative Support for Individuals grant.


Artist Statement:

My ongoing art loves span experimental and often collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches. I weave performances, site-specific events, visual installations and dance for film from the threads of dreams, imaginations and embodied longings. My creative practice is rooted in tender and deeply cherished relationships with other artists and creative folks. I offer audiences immersive art experiences that they’re invited to dive deep into and make themselves at home in. I make art because that is the essential way in which I grapple with inherent mysteries and ambiguities in life. I am passionate about resilient and evolving ways to share and support art in my communities.

My current research and practices embody the fluidity and uncertainty of the moment, the visceral thrill of movement, and the beauty in both the patterns and chaos that are happening all around us all the time. Self and surrounding environments as kindred bodies. The visual and kinetic converse. What is subtle and detailed accumulates quietly over time. The exquisite pairing of presence and absence. What is seen as well as what is invisible to the eye, but still palpable. What we conceal and reveal as human beings. The mutable nature of identity. I invite others to also contemplate and engage their curiosities.


Sharon Mansur is an SWANA/Arab American dance and interdisciplinary experimental artist, educator, curator, and community mover and shaker based in Keoxa/Winona, Mni Sota Makoce/Minnesota, in Dakota country. Her creative practices weave movement making, improvisation, visual environments, food, screendance, audience participation and site-situated/responsive art to offer multi-sensory and immersive experiences rooted in body, imagination and environment.  She loves creating artistic opportunities for people from all walks of life to connect and engage.  Sharon has received support from the McKnight Foundation, the Minnesota State Arts Board, the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council, the Winona Fine Arts Commission and Springboard for the Arts. She was also a 2019-20 National Arts Strategies Creative Community Fellow.

Sharon is currently the director of The Cedar Tree Project, presenting and amplifying regional, national and international creative voices from the SWANA/Arab diaspora to increase understanding and empathy through artistic exchange. She also teaches dance at St. Mary’s University, and is certified in massage therapy and craniosacral therapy.