Joseph Stella’s Brooklyn Bridge with Dominic Ricciotti

Thursday | October 18 | 6:00-8:15pm
Minnesota Marine Art Museum

“Joseph Stella’s Brooklyn Bridge” is an illustrated slide lecture occasioned by the Minnesota Marine Art Museum’s exhibition “This is New York” opening Oct. 2. Dr. Dominic Ricciotti is Professor Emeritus of art history at Winona State University and board member of the MMAM.

Stella is a pioneering American modernist of the early 20th century, who frequently took up urban themes. Ricciotti’s talk is built around the museum’s recent acquisition of a watercolor study of the bridge for the artist’s monumental five-paneled work, “New York Interpreted,” 1920-22, a focus of his remarks. Ricciotti places Stella’s bridge paintings in the context of the larger investigation by American painters of subjects and themes addressing a newly emergent urban culture in America between 1890 and 1930. The new urban subjects and styles encompass a wide variety of interests, a selection of which will be sampled.

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