From Fact to Fiction with Dean Klinkenberg

Saturday | October 27 | 1:00-3:00pm
Great River Writes Series
LaCrosse Public Library | 800 Main St
LaCrosse, WI

Rock Island Lines is a mystery that plays with the idea of genealogy as destiny. The plot centers around a long-dead gangster, John Looney, and his legacy of violence and corruption. Klinkenberg spent hours  researching Looney’s life, the era, as well as his conspirators and enemies. He  came to the story, however, long before he was thinking about fiction—he discovered it while he was researching a travel guide for the Quad Cities. Learn about his approach to writing fiction and nonfiction, how they are inextricably linked, and how it is all made possible by the local archives where he spends much of his research time. What stories are hidden in your archives?

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