Creatives’ Convening

Thursday | June 25 | 5:00-6:00pm
Zoom |

Please join Winona Creative Laureate Sarah Johnson and other area creatives for another virtual happy hour to connect with one another, check-in about how we are doing, and to share strategies for self-care in this strange time. Please share this invite with other creatives who may be interested in joining us. Follow the Facebook link above for Zoom details.

NOTE: "Creatives" refers to those who paint, draw, sing, play, dance, knit, weave, write, build, connect, cook, feed, solve, direct, perform, support, promote, develop, program, parent, nurture, teach, innovate, craft, conceive, budget for, develop, forge, weld, string-up, stuff, sew, produce, organize, invent, imagine, fashion, dream up, give life to, bejewel, or another verb of your choosing.

The City of Winona is a partner of the River Arts Alliance.


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