Just Published: What Trees Know by Emilio DeGrazia

In this collection of poems entirely about trees Emilio DeGrazia erases the sharp lines that divide person from thing, and science from poetry. Those “green things standing in the way” have secret lives, strange silent powers, and ancient legendary histories. And today they are crucially important creations full of wonders wide-eyed scientists are trying to tell us about.

“Emilio DeGrazia’s marvelous new collection of poems, What Trees Know is a compendious guide to the life of trees. It explores why trees know what they know, what makes trees so dear to us, and how they teach us simply by occupying a place on earth. ‘You may never know,’ the aspens whisper ‘What you may learn from us today.’ As it turns out, what trees know is just about everything, and they certainly picked the right poet to speak for them. Emilio DeGrazia is, at heart, a teacher, one whose very nature is to lead others in an ever-expanding quest for knowledge, and as in all great quests, he ends up where he began–with family, nature and wisdom that comes from the heart.”

—Joyce Sutphen, Minnesota poet laureate and author of Carrying Water to the Field

Available at www.nodinpress.com/ or from the author, edegrazia@winona.edu.

Emilio DeGrazia is a member of the River Arts Alliance. To learn more about the benefits of membership, please visit: riverartsalliance.org/JOIN.

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