“The Year of the New” at MMAM

“The Year of the New” at MMAM

2013 is “The Year of the New” at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum (MMAM) in Winona, and it is about to reach its crest! Here is a little summary of an exciting, transformational season at your art museum:

Thanks to a tremendous team of Museum leadership and designers, the MMAM has a new visual identity, resulting in new logos, new print material, and a new website. From now on, you can stay connected with the MMAM at www.mmam.org.

Thanks to tremendous donor support, the Museum is upgrading its lighting to one of the finest LED systems in the world. This new system exceeds the Museum’s standards for lighting quality and will utilize almost 90% less energy than the old one. It will be installed in all of the Museum’s galleries by the end of September.

On September 15, the MMAM will unveil 6 new jaw-dropping masterpieces to its collections to a special group of Museum donors. These pieces will be on public display beginning with the finale of “The Year of the New” — the opening of the Stephen and Barbara Slaggie Family Gallery.

Funded through inspiring generosity by the Slaggie Family Foundation, This major expansion will increase the Museum’s main gallery space by over 2,200 square feet, add an additional hallway gallery and increase the MMAM’s storage space. The Gallery Dedication Weekend for MMAM members, donors and volunteers is September 28th and 29th, with the new space being open to the general public on the 29th.

I hope that you are as excited about the “New MMAM” as we are, and I invite you to stay connected with us as we continue to grow in dynamism and surprise in quality.

— Andrew J. Maus, MMAM Executive Director

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