The Winona Arts Center presents “Earth, Sky, Water”

Works by Daniel Eastman, Linda Sue Eastman, and Seho Park

August 15 – September 22, 2017
Winona Arts Center | 228 E 5th St | Winona

Public Reception: Friday | September 15 | 5:00-6:30pm

While working on this exhibition, the trio individually kept in mind the classical elements of Earth, Sky, and Water. Each element is common to every life on this planet, both throughout time and across vast expanses of space and place.

  Earth is the quality of strength, abundance, and creativity.
  Sky represents inspiration, imagination, and dreams.
  Water expands emotions, wisdom, and beauty.

As such, these essential elements provided connectedness and well-being during the joy and unity over their many years of their friendship and while discussing this exhibition.

Daniel Eastman has been engaged in the earlier half of that time as a scenic designer in theatre, film, and video, and subsequently he branched out into sculpture with a presence in the United States, China, and the Caribbean. From the beginning, he has explored the synthesis of the made-world and patterned natural world as a way of comparing and contrasting the fluctuating zones of possibilities that both offer. Dan Eastman is a Professor of Mass Communications /Visual Culture-Media Studies at Winona State University.

Linda Sue Eastman, of rural Winona County, has been a maker/artist all her working life. She considers herself a maker because what she creates is functional. Others consider her an artist because of the beautiful artistry of her work. Ms. Eastman has exhibited her work throughout the United States for over twenty years and served on various state and national art boards. This exhibit has cremation urns that feature hand tooled leather and hard woods.

Dr. Seho Park is a practicing artist, active in exhibiting his art in East Asia and North America since the mid-seventies. In his creative practice, Prof. Park tries to carry on the tradition of art-making as an endless human attempt to encounter the aesthetic ideal embodied in the concrete real. Dr. Park earned a MAT from Whitworth College, Spokane, WA, and MFA in painting and Ph.D. in Art Education from the University of Minnesota. He advises students in the BS Art Teaching program and teaches art education and foundation studio courses.

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