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Film Screening: Charged

Thursday | November 14 | 6:30-9:00pm
The Oaks | 75 W 3rd St

Frozen River Film Festival’s 2018 festival winner, Charged, is returning to Winona for this special screening. Stop by early for a drink and appetizers! Suggested donation is $5. Film starts at 7:00pm.

About Charged: In 2011, Chef Eduardo Garcia was shocked with 2400 volts of electricity in a freak incident deep in Montana’s backcountry. Near death, alone and miles from help, Eduardo got up and took his first step towards what would ultimately be years of recovery and rehabilitation. When Eduardo arrived at Salt Lake City’s Burn Trauma ICU, doctors said he was a dead man with a heartbeat. During the course of his recovery, Eduardo spent 48 days in the ICU. He had nine severe exit wounds and underwent 21 surgeries, which included the removal of four ribs and cutting away destroyed muscle mass from his torso, legs, arms and scalp. While in the ICU, still fighting to keep his heartbeat going, Eduardo was dealt another shock: he had Stage 2 testicular cancer. Pending surgeries were put on hold and he returned to Montana to begin aggressive chemotherapy. Finally, after months of chemotherapy treatment, he returned to Salt Lake City to complete his surgeries. Since his hospital release, Eduardo has become an athlete and speaker for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, has mastered the use of his prosthetic hook in the kitchen and is back exploring the great outdoors. As inspiring as his physical recovery is, it is just a small part of the transformation ignited by his traumatic injuries.

Charged is a survivor story, the survival of a man and a friendship. But it is about more than just surviving, it is about building stronger relationships and a better life after tragedy. It is about finding your best self so you can live life fully Charged.

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