Winona Art Walk and Tour – TODAY!

  • Winona Art Walk & Tour 2019

Participating artists and locations for the 2019 Winona Art Walk are listed below. Click on the images to bring up a printable .pdf of the poster and map.

Today’s the Big Day! See you at the 2019 Winona Art Walk and Tour.


Schumaker Pottery
676 W. 5th St.
Teresa Schumaker, pottery
Dave Johnson, wood
Joni Lynch, pottery


Gallery for a Day
Wesley United Methodist Church
114 W. Broadway
Will Brezinski, pottery
Julia Crozier
, painter
Mary Lee Eischen, textiles
Gary Flynn, wood
Mary Forney, painter
Patsy King, painter
Mickey Maslowski, pottery
Kay Shaw, photography
Mary Singer, portrait artist
Philip Waletzko, wooden spoons


Handmade Neighborhood
Winona County History Center

160 Johnson St.
Juried boutique-style sale


65 E. 3rd St.
Fibers and tools for knitting and crochet


Jovy Rockey Jewelry
78 E. 3rd St.
Jovy Rockey, jewelry


Pieces of the Past
79 E. 2nd St.
Handmade furniture and wooden decor


Island City Clayspace
275 E. 3rd St.
Anne Scott Plummer, pottery
Jack Rumpel, pottery


Tuggle Studio
22183 E. Burns Valley Rd.
Catherine S. Tuggle, painter


Mississippi Mornings Creative Studio
40341 LaMoille Dr.
Linda Klabo, painter
Jean Mueller, fiber art
Joy Davis Ripley, photography

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